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Consumer Fraud Reviews

  • Bluebird - Posted by William

    At Christmas of all time was on way out town to purchase a gift for my son and had luckly located couple hours I was purchasing card was declined, which day before had loaded card .that day was cleared and had lost refund no explanation.Mr Thomas went in blind and in short time regained my money.Forever thankful recommendations WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT From Avvo Reviews

    11 May 2020
  • He gets results! - Posted by Crissy

    I had fraudulent charges on my Bluebird card which I disputed with Bluebird. My dispute was denied by Bluebird. I hired Mr. Thomas and not only did I get back the $82.50 I disputed. I got $700.00 more. From Avvo Reviews

    10 Apr 2020
  • Serve American Express Card - Posted by Val

    Mr. Thomas was very clear and professional while handling my case. He has kept me updated along the way and it was a smooth process. Serve was not going to return my stolen funds and Mr. Thomas has helped resolve my issue. I am so happy that I came across Mr. Thomas and I will recommend him to others! From Avvo Reviews

    03 Mar 2020
  • Wonderful!!! - Posted by Dedre

    Mr. Thomas was professional and quickly responsive to any questions I had. He helped solved my problem when no one else I had contacted was even remotely interested in getting down to the bottom of this consumer fraud incident. The entire experience ran smoothly and without a lot of confusion. From Avvo Reviews

    04 Jan 2020
  • American Express Fraud Settlement - Posted by Barron

    I hired Blake to settle an American Express Bluebird card not being loaded correctly. His communication about the whole process was seamless. The settlement took approximately 2 months and Blake was responsive to provide progress along the way. I highly recommend Blake if you should ever need Legal assistance. From Avvo Reviews

    31 Dec 2019
  • Good - Posted by Latisha

    Great lawyer I ever had he help me get my money back plus more I love to have him work for me again no lie this is real I'm so happy thank you Blake Thomas. From Avvo Reviews

    20 Nov 2019
  • Great experience - Posted by Josh

    Contacted about fraudulent credit card charges. He filed arbitration and informed me of each stage of the process. From Avvo Reviews

    24 Oct 2019
  • Great Attorney! - Posted by Santos

    I am so happy I went with this attorney for my case, he made the entire process so easy. He communicates quickly, makes sure you are updated regularly and understand everything happening with your case. I am very happy with the results and would recommend to anyone dealing with a consumer fraud case. From Avvo Reviews

    21 Oct 2019
  • Great lawyer painless process - Posted by Allen Hass

    A prepaid card screwed me out of 1500 dollars mr Blake got every penny back amazing lawyer and he made the process very simple and painless I would very highly recommend. From Avvo Reviews

    30 Sep 2019
  • So grateful! - Posted by Aminah

    Back in October of last year, (2018) someone gained access to my Cash App and stole $650 out my account. I called my bank and disputed it and filed a police report. I was only given back $50, my bank refused to give me the $600. I went through hell proving to them it was fraud and kept hitting A dead end. I'm so glad I found out about Blake Thomas because he was able to get my money back and then some ! He kept me updated about the whole process and got things done that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own, I'm truly grateful for everything he has done. From Avvo Reviews

    26 Sep 2019
  • Awesome! - Posted by Aerie Lee Morgan

    Awesome! Kept in touch won my case and got me the money under 2 weeks!! From Facebook Reviews

    25 Sep 2019
  • Great experience - Posted by Christina Baskett

    Great experience, Blake is very good, keeps you up to date on everything going on. He helped me fight the people that kept my direct deposit and would not let me have access to my funds for a week. He fought them for me and won...... I would highly recommend. Thank you for all you have done. From Facebook Reviews

    11 Sep 2019
  • Highly recommend Blake - Posted by Rosalind Patrice

    Highly recommend Blake with Consumer Fraud Legal! He is very great with communication and representations. Will definitely use him again! From Facebook Reviews

    06 Sep 2019
  • He helped me out and won my case - Posted by Stacey Cogswell

    This lawyer one who really gets what he promises.. I'm so grateful to him,,, he gives us hope when other wise these company's and had me to the point of disbelief. When I hired him he promised and he did it.. Thank you Blake Thomas. You've got five plus plus stars from me. From Avvo Reviews

    17 Aug 2019
  • Excellent lawyer who will fight for you! - Posted by Gerald

    Blake is truly a blessing and helped me win my case of fraud with GoBank. He stayed in communication and answered my questions in a very efficient manner. I would recommend him to anyone I know he needs a lawyer dealing with fraud. If you give him a try I promise you won’t be disappointed. From Avvo Reviews

    14 Aug 2019
  • AMAZING - Posted by Benjamin Lee

    I needed a lawyer when GreenDot had close my account. while I still had money inside of it they wanted to keep charging monthly fees on the account. I called them several times to send a check for closing my account and they told me that they cannot do anything about it. So I looked for a lawyer and i read reviews on Mr. Blake. High Ratings and Positive Responds. So I reached out to him. Man... I'm GLAD I did. He helps me win my case with GreenDot and I didn't even have to do anything. everything was taken care of by him. I gave him all the information that he requested for the case through email. He explains the process to me and how long each stage is before going on to the next one. followed up with me on each stage. Not only that I was able to receive more then what I asked for... TRULY AN AMAZING LAWYER. I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND HIM!!!!! From Avvo Reviews

    27 Jul 2019
  • Excellent Lawyer - Posted by Jacquelyn

    Mr. Blake was a excellent lawyer. He always emailed and kept us updated on the case. Mr. Blake was very knowledgeable about the case and very reachable. When you email him he always responds back!! I will definitely use him in the future if I have any future cases. From Avvo Reviews

    29 Jun 2019
  • 10/10 would recommend - Posted by Anonymous

    Mr. Thomas is an amazing attorney. He helped me and my fiancé when a prepaid card company held our funds with out reason . It did take a while to reach settlement but he kept us updated every step of the way . I would definitely recommend him. From Avvo Reviews

    21 Jun 2019
  • They communicated with me with every step of the way - Posted by Arkelia Denise

    They communicated with me with every step of the way. I will definitely use them again if needed. Im very satisfied with the service I received. From Facebook Reviews

    17 Jun 2019
  • Very satisfied with his service - Posted by Bri Collins

    Thank you! Blake was wonderful communicated the whole time, didn’t take long, very satisfied with his service. From Facebook Reviews

    17 Jun 2019
  • Great Lawyer - Posted by Armstead

    Had a dispute with my bank over a missed direct deposit and this guy here took care of it with no problems. He went over a beyond my expectations, things took a while but when the dust settled he took care of everything. Keep me in the loop of the whole process, answered any questions that I may have had. Thank you for your hard work, time, and dedication to being the guy that you are. From Avvo Reviews

    17 Jun 2019
  • Swift Diligence - Posted by Timothy

    Attorney Blake Thomas was very quick to see that my case was handled with precise professionalism and kept me informed every step of the way. Superb Attorney! From Avvo Reviews

    17 Jun 2019
  • Great client services - Posted by Kobie

    Mr. Blake kept me informed with the entire process from beginning to end. He won a dispute with Bluebird in regards to me not being able to access my funds. The process was speedy. About 6-7 months tops. I would HIGHLY recommend Me. Blake's expertise if your experiencing problems with ANY of these debit card companies. From Avvo Reviews

    17 Jun 2019
  • Awesome lawyer - Posted by Mathew

    He handled our case quickly for us. He kept us up to date with the process. Always answered any questions we had. Hes a great lawyer. From Avvo Reviews

    15 Jun 2019
  • Wonderful to work with - Posted by Rachel

    Very professional with his emails, straight to the point, and friendly! Easy to get ahold of through email as well! From Avvo Reviews

    14 Jun 2019
  • Blake is the best - Posted by Ebony Jackson

    5 stars. Great service and great person! Blake is the best. Thank you From Facebook Reviews

    14 Jun 2019
  • Beyond satisfied with his work - Posted by Naomi Freeman

    Blake kept the lines of communication open and transparent. I am beyond satisfied with his work. Will definitely use again if the need arises. From Facebook Reviews

    14 Jun 2019
  • Very professional – Definitely 5 stars - Posted by Michelle

    He has been awesome. He took care of everything for me. He is very efficient and will explain everything as to what to expect while fighting your case. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to fight a financial institution regarding Regulation E. From Avvo Reviews

    06 Mar 2019
  • He is amazing!!! - Posted by Anonymous

    I had fraud on my American Express card and I found his services online and reached out to the company and Alan responded quickly. I gave me step by step instructions on how he would be able to assist me with my claim. It was a quick and painless process. He stayed in communication with me throughout the while process. I am definitely grateful for all of his help. From Avvo Reviews

    05 Mar 2019
  • If I could give more stars I would - Posted by Melani

    It has been a very long journey but Mr.Thomas kept me informed every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney when I had lost all hope Mr.Thomas assured me that he would fight for me and get me justice and he did just that I'm over satisfied with his service so if you want a lawyer who will fight for you then look no further Mr.Thomas is the truth. From Avvo Reviews

    12 Feb 2019
  • So helpful!!! - Posted by Anonymous

    Had a great experience with CFS. Blake was quick, responsive and very helpful. I received my money back that was scammed from me and it’s a huge weight off of my shoulders. Would highly recommend Blake. From Avvo Reviews

    04 Feb 2019
  • Metabank settlement - Posted by Anonymous

    He did exactly what he promised! My bank had not deposited my funds to my account for over a week. Me and other customers were pretty upset. Blake took on our case and as promised i got my compensation. He is professional, send updates as soon as he gets them. Would definitely recommend him. From Avvo Reviews

    02 Feb 2019
  • DISH TV - Posted by Glen

    Mr. Thomas handled our case against Dish TV in a expeditious manner and kept in touch with us through out the process. The case was settled in a satisfactory manner. Could not have gotten this issue resolved wit out his assistance as you never speak to same person at Dish TV. Such a relief to have this issue behind us. From Avvo Reviews

    01 Feb 2019
  • Very helpful - Posted by Misty Webb

    Very helpful and got things done in a timely manner!! From Facebook Reviews

    29 Jan 2019
  • Blake was amazing - Posted by Sistah Annette

    Blake was amazing. He got me the justice that was needed. And was a very professional as well keeping updated on all matters. 5 stars. From Facebook Reviews

    29 Jan 2019
  • He kept me informed - Posted by Clairesa Crabtree

    He kept me informed about the lawsuit that I was in and got very good outcome. From Facebook Reviews

    29 Jan 2019
  • Great service! - Posted by Amanda

    Mr. Blake Thomas was very professional. He got down to the matter and worked very quickly to help with great results. From Avvo Reviews

    29 Jan 2019
  • Excellent Attorney! - Posted by Kelly

    Mr. Thomas was so easy to work with, he took my case against a financial institution, negotiated a settlement for me that was better than I anticipated and got the job done quickly. I would highly recommend hiring him as an attorney. Thank you Blake, you are awesome!!! From Avvo Reviews

    29 Jan 2019
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