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Consumer Fraud Reviews

  • Case against my former Television Provider, a Success! - Posted by Matt

    I was researching ways, online, to get my money back from my television provider who, I felt, had wrongly charged me a cancellation fee. Seeing as I had been a customer for years, and they found some loophole to charge me, after I decided to cancel their service, after they had continued to raise rates on me, after promising they wouldn't raise rates again in that year. I somehow stumbled upon Blake's contact info, and figured... "why not give it a shot". Blake was very responsive, and helped me to understand that the position I wanted to take would not work for me, but he knew that fighting this from another angle would prove successful. It took a while for the whole process to vet out, but I simply trusted Blake and he explained that it's just how the process goes. I simply signed some papers, and waited, and waited, and he finally settled my case. I received my money back in full. Blake's fee, while greater than the amount I received was certainly earned. I am perfectly fine with that. He took all the risk and it was his time, not mine. I actually got a bit more back, than was originally charged to me (stolen) by that company (which will remain un-named), and Blake earned every dime, in my opinion, of his fee. Thank you Blake. You made that super easy.

    22 Mar 2016
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