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Consumer Fraud News

  • 10 Answers to Credit Card Questions We Get Asked All The Time

    Credit cards come with a lot of fine print. But the scene isn’t just complicated for cardholders; it’s complicated for the retailers that accept them, too. What needs signing, and what doesn’t? When can a store ask for ID? Are they allowed to charge different prices for cash and credit?

    22 Sep 2014
  • Banks Failing to Refund Home Depot Unauthorized Transactions

    Some banks are failing to follow the law requiring them to refund unauthorized transactions on customers accounts resulting from the Home Depot security breach

    18 Sep 2014
  • MasterCard Extends Protection to PIN Transactions

    MasterCard announced today that it is extending the zero-liability policy in the U.S. to include both ATM & PIN transactions.

    28 May 2014
  • Arbitration Study Results

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Arbitration Study shows that Consumer Fraud Legal Services handles the most consumer checking and prepaid card arbitrations in the US

    08 Mar 2014
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