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Consumer Fraud Reviews

  • Definitely the best - Posted by Laquaysha

    Contacted him he took my case and got everything settled within a time frame. 10/10 would hire him again.From Avvo Reviews

    23 Aug 2023
  • Blake Thomas will get the job done! - Posted by Ralene

    After I disputed a transaction on one of my prepaid credit cards the company refused to follow their own policies in regards to my dispute. I contacted Blake Thomas through a simple contact on his web page. He responded right away and got the ball rolling. After a few short months he was able to settle for more than i even anticipated. I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs.From Avvo Reviews

    13 Apr 2023
  • We Dit it, Blake! - Posted by Leah

    I contacted Blake’s law firm just days after experiencing a situation where my American Express card was somehow cloned and used at an ATM to withdraw funds. Blake contacted me back immediately and responded to any questions I had. He explained the work he would be doing and the process/timeline. I paid no out of pocket expenses and am set to receive 1/3 of the earnings.From Avvo Reviews

    23 Mar 2023
  • Amazing service - Posted by Deanna

    I reached out to Blake regarding a financial situation. That a lot of people may have experience and at a lost on what to do. Blake was prompt, quick, efficient, knowledgeable and professional. I was very skeptical and nervous at first but Blake delivered. Thanks again for everything.From Avvo Reviews

    30 Jan 2023
  • Clear, Streamlined, Effective, Successful - Posted by Jonathan

    Blake was the only lawyer willing to take on a case where my financial institution lost my money and blamed me. He has created a streamlined process to help consumers get back the money they have been defrauded of--and was entirely successful in my case! Exceptionally informative, gave updates at every juncture of the process, was honest about his limitations. Hope to never need his services again, but EXTREMELY grateful for the services he provides.From Avvo Reviews

    25 Jan 2023
  • I would work with Blake again - Posted by Michayla

    He was a great lawyer. He provided me all the information I needed as well as a timeline. We settled and I got back more than what I was originally owed from my bank. I appreciate his time and effort.From Avvo Reviews

    23 Jan 2023
  • The brightest light at the end of a tunnel - Posted by Jamaal

    Simply put I would give a 10 star rating if I were capable. It's a mistake to believe that taking on situations with Large Corporations individually is a possibility. When I was at the complete end of my rope, I contacted Blake and from our initial conversation until now reaching settlement he has provided first class service. Very communicative during the entire process and provided detailed timelines and met those timelines exceptionally. The fact that I was never made to feel left out during any part of this ordeal was comforting. Blake kept his promises and remained professional right until our most recent conversation. This earns my utmost trust and gratitude and I would not hesitate to enter the frays with Blake as my wingman.From Avvo Reviews

    22 Jan 2023
  • Highly recommended! - Posted by Joel

    Although the terms of the settlement agreement are confidential (name of company and amount we settled for), I can absolutely recommend Blake Thomas. I was highly satisfied with final outcome and would absolutely hire Blake Thomas again in the future.From Avvo Reviews

    24 Dec 2022
  • He does exactly what he says and more!!! - Posted by Kellsey

    The last week of January someone gained access to my serve account online this person changed my password my email my address everything they didnt have physical access to my card or the numbers but I had child tax credit money in that account that I desperately needed to care for my kids I called Amex immediately when I saw that someone tried to transfer 450 dollars to their account they assured me they locked the account and sent it too fraud department and no one could touch it they didn't it wasn't till February 7th that they actually locked the card they said they were sending me a new card when I first called which never came they overnighted me one 10 days later after the first one never came by the this time the person that hacked my account took all my money plus 200 dollars out of my bank account that was linked so they got almost 700 bucks from me by the time I got my new card in February and I was able to fix and take back my account but this hacker was able to order a sub account card and get it overnighted FedEx in Florida before I got my new card and was able to take everything off at an ATM all while I'm waiting on my new card to come everyday sometimes 2-3 times a day I was calling Amex and freaking out and they treated me like I was the criminal that I did this when they denied my dispute the first time I started looking for someone to help thank goodness I came across Blake Thomas he's a god send to me and my family I sent him all the info and I sent screenshots of my timeline receipts showing where I was when this all happened but Amex never even called to get any proof or info from me they just denied me twice the day I hired Mr Thomas was the second denial for my dispute and that's when he sent his demand letter it did take the exact amount of time he said it would about 8 weeks for them to settle and a little over a month to send the settlement agreement after that it was 2 weeks when he messaged to let me know that the check came in and he had sent mine out and it took 10 days to receive it I put it in the bank and it took 2days for it too go thru and it's been about a week and a half now never bounced he is legit he cares and he does everything he says he will he's a good man I received a little more than what I lost and I'm so grateful for him he really fights for us little guys for the reviews on here complaining about his fee I feel like yes it is steep but I did nothing I sent him my info and what had happened he did the rest it was all him he earned every penny of that fee that's how I feel about it I gave him the info he needed and he went to bat for me I didn't have to think about it after he took over so I feel like you get what you pay for and he is worth it!!!! He kept me updated every step of the way if I had a question he was quick to answer it thru email normally that next morning I would get a response from him so I highly recommend him he's very professional and when Amex attorney wanted to take his sweet time Mr Thomas lit a fire under him to get the documents sent over he really was my saving grace if it wasn't for him I'd be out money and I'm forever grateful if this ever happens again he will be my first email but I'm never using Amex again or any prepaid cards so hopefully this never happens again stay away from prepaid cards they do not honor their word they will lie and say it's denied because you approved the transactions I was a customer with them for over 10 years and they lost me because of this they make millions of dollars off us and they don't care or want to give us our money back when they say it's insured and we can dispute it over and over again they will deny it every time because they can we're the little guys we literally feel as though we can't do anything about it but with attorneys like Mr Thomas we can he makes sure us little guys get what we're owed and makes these big companies pay Mr Thomas doesn't disappoint!!!!From Avvo Reviews

    26 Jun 2022
  • Thank you so much - Posted by Anonymous

    Mr Blake helped me to gain more than what I lost with Chime. He got me a lot more then I thought. Yeah I recommended him to someone else. I appreciate you so much. Now I can put my money in my new account.From Avvo Reviews

    14 Jun 2022
  • Great Attorney - Posted by Jeannie

    Mr. Thomas took my case on with American Express Serve which someone had Used my account and ordered over $100 in food on doordash and American Express refused to reimburse me. All I wanted was my $100 back. Mr. Thomas won my case with American Express Serve and got me back my money plus an extra thousand dollars. He is the best!!From Avvo Reviews

    21 Apr 2022
  • My dispute - Posted by Anonymous

    Thomas helped me the whole way out ! I really appreciate the time he took to help.From Avvo Reviews

    27 Jan 2022
  • Great Attorney - Posted by Brandy

    Mr. Thomas is a very thorough and efficient attorney. I have used his services twice and would definitely do it again as I am beyond satisfied. His level of expertise is very high. And he is a very nice man also.From Avvo Reviews

    25 Dec 2021
  • Great Attorney - Posted by Aquailia

    Blake is a wonderful attorney! He kept me updated on everything. He is definitely the best attorney to tackle these big companies who take your money for no reason. Thanks to Blake I was able to get my money back and I'm very appreciative for him.From Avvo Reviews

    11 Dec 2021
  • Customer Satisfaction - Posted by Whitney

    Blake did what needed to be done. Amex thought they can deny my fraud claim but aht aht aht! He handled my case professionally and WE WON! highly recommend!From Avvo Reviews

    02 Dec 2021
  • Excellent - Posted by Brittany

    Mr. Blake Thomas far exceeded my expectations when he took on my case. He did everything his firms website mentioned they were capable of doing. He kept me up to date all the while. He took a unnerving situation and made it comfortable. Thank you Mr. Blake Thomas there really are some good people left in this world!!!From Avvo Reviews

    21 May 2021
  • The BEST - Posted by Shelita

    Great Service! I highly recommend Mr. Thomas, he will definitely get the job done!From Avvo Reviews

    03 Mar 2021
  • Great attorney - Posted by Nina

    Blake won my settlement with a good time frame I didn’t think varo would return my money but they did thanks BlakeFrom Avvo Reviews

    24 Feb 2021
  • Highly recommend!! - Posted by Erin

    Without the help of Blake Thomas I never would have seen my money from amex that they decided to freeze on me during the Pandemic. He goes above and beyond for clients and im SO GRATEFUL I found him!! Thank you so so very much!!!!!!! From Avvo Reviews

    09 Feb 2021
  • VERY GRATEFUL FOR MR. THOMAS - Posted by Shane

    Mr. Thomas is a very honest attorney. He went to bat for me in a dispute like no other attorney could! From Avvo Reviews

    25 Jan 2021
  • Best attorney ever! - Posted by Matthew

    Amex allowed over $10,000 to be stolen from my card. They refused to honor their $0 liability. $10,000 gone just like that due to a criminal and a huge corporation who decided the laws didnt apply to them and leaving me struggling during the covid pandemic. I retained blake who faught hard. He also responded to my many emails and questions thoroughly. All amex wanted to do is get extension after extension playing games and after our patience ran out, he told them enough is enough. Settle or litigate. Once blake called them out on their games, they settled. Without blake, id be out my money with no hope in sight. From Avvo Reviews

    06 Jan 2021
  • Serve Case - Posted by Anonymous

    He was honest and trustworthy and did everything he said he would keep you updated old time. I got $700.00 more. From Avvo Reviews

    25 Aug 2020
  • Highly recommend! - Posted by Leah

    Mr. Thomas was very professional and kept in touch with me every step of the way to keep me informed of everything going on with my case. I would definitely use his firm again! From Avvo Reviews

    17 Aug 2020
  • Persistent & down to earth - Posted by Steve

    I contacted Mr Thomas when I was getting absolute disrespect from a prepaid credit card company. At first Mr. Thomas explained he had his hands full with these cases, but he returned my email accepting my case. He was extremely informative with me on the case at hand, & did not stop to get me the justice I deserved! I am grateful for his effort, & positive outcome - I will recommend him to any little guy seeking Justice in a heart beat - thank you Mr. Thomas! From Avvo Reviews

    13 Aug 2020
  • Great work! - Posted by Anonymous

    Very professional ... got me what I needed, what I deserved, what was mine and taken from me! From Avvo Reviews

    11 Aug 2020
  • Great Representation - Posted by Esther

    I really did not expect to receive anything regarding my case. And certainly not so quickly. Thank you for looking out for people who other wise have no legal recourse. From Avvo Reviews

    10 Aug 2020
  • Excellent attorney!! - Posted by Heather

    Mr. Thomas has repeatedly made sure that amt issues I have had regarding the American Express serve card was taken care of and he is great at communication about our case! From Avvo Reviews

    10 Aug 2020
  • Awesome & Informative - Posted by Akira

    Alan kept me informed every step of the way through months and months of negotiations. From Avvo Reviews

    10 Aug 2020
  • Serve case - Posted by Phillip Simpson

    Very professional and informative and very quick response and handled very well. From Avvo Reviews

    10 Aug 2020
  • America Express Serve - Posted by Carlton

    I highly recommend mr.thomas He Is very professional and good at his job. He is very transparent throughout the whole process of handling My case. Thank you so much. From Avvo Reviews

    10 Aug 2020
  • Chime Bank Fraud - Posted by Leanne

    I travel each year for my company in Nov of 2019 I was in Missouri Il I had just received a bonus check that month and was going to go shopping that night after work I went to a shoe store to purchase sneakers when I tried to pay by using my Chime Card it declined I told the clerk I should have received a direct deposit so she ran the card as a credit card it went through. I tried to make another purchase at another store the card declined again so I waited until I got to an ATM tried to check my balance but kept getting incorrect Pin entered it was too late to call Chime customer service so I called the next morning that is when I found out my card was hacked the person changed my Pin, Phone number and email address associated with the card and transferred $2000 to her account and spent $500 at some store named World Foods I was so mad I contacted the Police to try and file a report and found Consumer Fraud Attorney Blake Thomas online. I filed a complaint with Mr Thomas firm during the time I was submitting everything including all emails from Chime the bank returned $2000 of my money but would not return the $500 I did not think Mr Thomas would continue with the case because the bank returned the money then Covid 19 hit closed everything for about 3 months early in June I received an email from Mr Blake advising me he was going through with the case the next week I received an email stating the case was settled for $6000 I was shocked I signed all the paperwork and this weekend I received a settlement check I cannot believe I received double my loses the $2000 return from Chime and the settlement check. Mr Thomas is absolutely 5 star attorney when it comes to Consumer Fraud with these banks. I did read his reviews before I selected him and the majority are excellent only very few displeased but I can say it was their fault you must do what he tells you to do from start to finish and believe me you will be happy with the results Thank you Mr Thomas if this ever happens again I will definitely reach out to you. From Avvo Reviews

    27 Jul 2020
  • Bluebird - Posted by William

    At Christmas of all time was on way out town to purchase a gift for my son and had luckly located couple hours I was purchasing card was declined, which day before had loaded card .that day was cleared and had lost refund no explanation.Mr Thomas went in blind and in short time regained my money.Forever thankful recommendations WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT From Avvo Reviews

    11 May 2020
  • He gets results! - Posted by Crissy

    I had fraudulent charges on my Bluebird card which I disputed with Bluebird. My dispute was denied by Bluebird. I hired Mr. Thomas and not only did I get back the $82.50 I disputed. I got $700.00 more. From Avvo Reviews

    10 Apr 2020
  • Serve American Express Card - Posted by Val

    Mr. Thomas was very clear and professional while handling my case. He has kept me updated along the way and it was a smooth process. Serve was not going to return my stolen funds and Mr. Thomas has helped resolve my issue. I am so happy that I came across Mr. Thomas and I will recommend him to others! From Avvo Reviews

    03 Mar 2020
  • Wonderful!!! - Posted by Dedre

    Mr. Thomas was professional and quickly responsive to any questions I had. He helped solved my problem when no one else I had contacted was even remotely interested in getting down to the bottom of this consumer fraud incident. The entire experience ran smoothly and without a lot of confusion. From Avvo Reviews

    04 Jan 2020
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