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Consumer Fraud News

  • Good consumer fraud attorney - Posted by Megan

    I am very pleased with Mr Blake Thomas. When I signed the agreement letter I was very much in doubt that anything would come of my complaint. Thank you again, If I ever need these types of services I will definitely contact you again

    12 Dec 2016
  • Good Person - Posted by Jeff

    Blake was very responsive with all my questions, and did recover some stolen funds for me. Didn't have any issues. Everything he said he would do he did in a timely manner. Would use him again.

    01 Dec 2016
  • A Man of His Word - Posted by Deanna

    With no money to retain Blake took my case and kept updates every week. He was always responsive and upfront and honest. Blake made sure that he explained every detail and his professional and mannerisms were well above the call. TEAM BLAKE ALL THE WAY!

    31 Oct 2016
  • Epic Results from Blake - Posted by Mickey

    After a 6 month stint I received my settlement. Blake worked hard to keep us all updated with 18-19 email updates and spoke to me personally to ensure he had everything needed. Thank you so much for all of your help!!

    26 Oct 2016
  • He is Wonderful! - Posted by Brittany

    Blake helped tackle a huge problem that many of us had.... He did an amazing job! He is super nice, friendly and cares about his clients. He kept in contact and kept me in detail of what all was going on. I highly recommend Blake. He's very courteous and his work is great!

    26 Oct 2016
  • Amazing, Honest and Dependable - Posted by Megan

    He is amazing, kept me informed the whole time! I highly recommend him if you are looking for a honest and hard working lawyer, I did zero help, he did it all and gave me updates periodically. Thank you Blake! I'd definitely come back for your services if needed

    25 Oct 2016
  • 5 Stars Excellent Representative - Posted by Renae

    I contacted CFLS regarding a credit card that had tied up my funds. When they received the settlement checks, CFLS informed me when they were sent and when to expect it. My check arrived on time, with an itemized invoice for services rendered.

    25 Oct 2016
  • Excellent service! - Posted by Betsy

    Blake was very upfront and personal with over 300 people and stayed in constant contact with each of us during our case against a large corporation. Resolution and payout was very speedy as well. Will definitely call him again if the unfortunate circumstance arises. Thank you, Blake!

    21 Oct 2016
  • RushCard Customer Wins a $5,744.71 Verdict

    UniRush and MetaBank were held liable for denying a customer's unauthorized transaction dispute on their RushCard.

    21 Oct 2016
  • Excellent Attorney That Will Fight For You - Posted by Letitia

    I can't say enough about Mr. Blake Thomas and Consumer Fraud Legal Services, LLC. Against a huge corporation, he fought for a group of complete strangers that were being mistreated. He was very professional, responded promptly to questions/concerns and kept us informed of the process. Me personally, I felt that he treated me like family for my specific situation and I would definitely recommend him for anyone who feels bullied by or helpless against any company. Thank you again Mr. Thomas for everything!

    18 Oct 2016
  • H&R Block Emerald Card Customer Wins a $4,561.29 Verdict

    H&R Block was held liable for denying a customer's unauthorized transaction dispute on their Emerald Card.

    14 Sep 2016
  • NetSpend Customer Wins a $500 Verdict

    Netspend was held liable for refusing to pay their customers the refer a friend fee.

    09 Aug 2016
  • Credit Union Customer Wins a $10,000 Verdict

    A credit union denied our client's unauthorized transaction dispute of $1,734. She contacted Consumer Fraud Legal Services. We filed for arbitration and got a judgment in her favor for $10,000 for the credit union improperly denying the dispute.

    07 May 2016
  • AT&T Customer Wins a $2,350 Verdict

    AT&T refused to timely replace our client's phone even though it was insured. She contacted Consumer Fraud Legal Services. We filed for arbitration and got a judgement awarded of $2,350.

    21 Apr 2016
  • NetSpend Customer Wins a $6,734 Verdict

    NetSpend and MetaBank placed an improper hold on our client's prepaid debit card. She contacted Consumer Fraud Legal Services. We filed for arbitration and our client was awarded $6,734.

    17 Mar 2016
  • Wow!! - Posted by Alisha

    I took a chance finding him online. Never met him face to face, yet he treated me with respect and dignity via email correspondence. My cases settled fast and the settlement was explained in detail. If I ever need an attorney again, he will be my first choice.

    10 Jan 2016
  • Helped me stick it to the man! - Posted by Chris

    Large company screwed me over on my monthly bill. I could have spent hours chasing them down to fix it, but, I opted to sic a Lawyer on them to make them as miserable as they make me. Took about 5 minutes of my time to get him the details. He got the bill fixed and a nice fat settlement check. Didn't have to pay him a nickel.

    15 Jun 2015
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